Storyful Oz’s Video Packaging

Iraqi Forces Launch Mosul Offensive
(Callum Van De Mortel)

At the Storyful Oz bureau, we work alongside two talented video producers, Callum Van De Mortel and Lachlan Brunton, who draft scripts and edit packages using only user-generated content that we have permission to use – and in a timely fashion. I oversee the production from Sydney, assigning stories, editing scripts and making fine-tune adjustments before firing off the packages to Yahoo!, AOL, and the News Corp mastheads, including, Daily Telegraph and The Herald Sun.

Nice Attack on Bastille Day
(Callum Van De Mortel)


British MP Jo Cox Killed in Shooting
(Callum Van De Mortel)


Cameron Steps Down Following Brexit
(Callum Van De Mortel)


EgyptAir Flight MS804 From Paris Crashes
(Callum Van De Mortel)


Competitors Build Human Towers in Spain
(Callum Van De Mortel)



Coral Bleaching Plagues Aussie Reefs
(Callum Van De Mortel) *This was one of our first packages to go live.


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